Can Collector Try to Collect From Me. I Lived Up to Agreement.

by Jody
(Atlanta, GA)

I was turned over to a collection agency for a lease I was on with an ex. The amount turned over was over seven thousand dollars, it was agreed upon by the landlord and the collection agency that I pay half and they would collect the other half from my ex since he was on the lease with me. I made monthly payments and paid my part in full and even have a "paid in full" final payment letter from the collection agency, as well as statements that specify I was only responsible for paying half the total amount. Well the collection agency has started harassing me for the remainder of the debt stating if I don't comply they will take legal action against me. How do I stop them from threatening me or calling me at all since I've kept up my agreement. Please advise.
Thank you in advance

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Sep 06, 2011
Can Collector Try to Collect From Me. I Lived Up to Agreement.

Your problem is rather complicated, so I think you need to get the advice of a consumer law attorney who helps consumers resolve their debt collection problems. Several issues relating to the agreement you write about bother me. For example, even though you and your ex are liable for the lease, the agreement regarding how it would get paid was not between you and your ex and the debt collector, but between the collector and the landlord. Also, did your ex agree to pay his half?

Be sure to bring to your attorney meeting all of the paperwork related to the agreement between the debt collector and the landlord, the paid in full notice, you received, etc.. That information will probably be important in terms of sorting out exactly what happened, what your rights are and whether you are legally obligated to pay the balance due on the lease given that your ex has not. It's especially important to get legal help given that you are being threatened with a lawsuit.

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