Can Chase refuse to give me my unemployment if I can't pay my Chase credit cards

by Kenneth
(New York)

I have applied for unemployment and was told I have to use my Chase, direct deposit account or a debit card that is sent to me and activated by calling the Chase, number they give you. My problem is that I have two credit cards with this bank and I will try hard to continue to pay them but if I can't pay them I am worried that they will take my unemployment and refuse to give me any money if I do default and can't pay them. My question is can they do that? and if they can is there something I can do to avoid this I am relying on my unemployment if I am approved to live on I have no other money.

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Kenneth - We can't offer you legal advice, but our understanding is that in New York State, unemployment benefits are safe from creditors.

You're right to be concerned. There's always a possible risk that the bank won't properly identify those funds and try to go after them, but theoretically at least, they should be safe.

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