Can bill be sent to father to complete payment

Can a medical collection bill be changed to the fathers responsibility if I have already paid my portion

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Apr 23, 2015
Can bill Be set to father to Complete payment
by: Anonymous

Thats BS. My Ex went Skiing with our Son on vacation. I just happened to carry the insurance my job. that does not make me responsible for the Whole excess bill. I was not anywhere near this out of state incident when he took the child to the doctor for a sprain. Only my insurance card was there. I did not authorize the treatment or the costs nor have I ever even received a bill. he was the Debt agreeing party the minute he signed saying so on admittance. Just because I pay the insurance does not make me responsible for the debt and if he put me down as responsible instead of himself with my address and social then it is Fraud TOO. Plain Clear and Simple. You do not have to pay attorneys to get that removed from your credit. You simply make them Prove it by disputing your credit report and demanding the document that has your signature on it stating you agreed.

Feb 22, 2014
re: bills incurred by ex on behalf of minor
by: Anonymous

My husband's ex-wife, has repeatedly incurred medical bills on their child behalf without notifying my husband of the debt. We found out when we pulled his credit report that the bills had been placed in collections in his name, even after the age of majority. One problem is that she signs financial responsibility with only her first initial,which is the same as my husband's and uses still my husband's last name, she provides his insurance card and his social security number.

What can we do???

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Please talk with a consumer law attorney. Your husband may be responsible for debts of their child while he was till a minor but after that it is likely a different story. However, there is not a simple way to extricate himself from the situation. He need to consult an attorney for advice.

Jul 24, 2013
She signed me as the payee of bill
by: Anonymous

Without my knowledge my ex went into the dr for my son and put me down as the the payee of the bill. In our decree it states that we are responsible for 50/50. It does not say I am responsible to pay and then get the other 50% from her. She has to get the bill and submit a copy to me and we both are responsible for 50%. If she pays the bill, she has to submit a copy of the paid amount and I have 30 days to reimburse her. She went in and put my name and wrong address down as the payee.

I then got a collection notice from the collection agency. I called the Dr. And they tried to say they have to bill the person the insurance is under, but I have dealt with hospitals, and ent's for medicals bills and they said they sent her the bill because she brought him in and gave her information. They said they don't send the bill to the person on the insurance automatically.

They actually never even sent a bill to me because the only reason I knew was from the insurance companies breakdowns. How can she put me down for being responsible without my consent? How can they allow that? Seems like someone has committed fraud. A babysitter could have gone in there and she told her to put me down. They will allow anyone to sign off as me being responsible?

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It is not a simple matter unfortunately. Despite the divorce decree, it may be possible you are responsible under state law for your minor's child's medical bills. This varies by state but in many states parents are responsible for their minor children's medical bills.

Nevertheless, what your wife is doing sound as though it is not appropriate either, but it may be a matter between you and she - it may not prevent the provider (or collection agency) from trying to collect from you. You will need to consult a consumer law attorney to clarify your rights in this situation unfortunately.

Aug 16, 2012
Can bill be sent to father to complete payment

I am not sure I understand your question because you did not provide much information in your question. However I will do my best to answer it.

If the debt is in your name, you must pay it and the collector is not going to try to get the money that is due from someone else. This does not mean however, that you cannot ask the father of your child to help you pay it.

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