Can a medcial bill be charged to you after a time has passed?

by Tara

I was in the ER in Nov. 2003 and was recived a bill of almost 3,000 dollars. I was able to make small payments at frist. Then we ran into money trouble and couldn't. I recived a huge income tax refund and call becasue I lost the remaining amount and adress to pay it off. They told me I owed no money and had no name on file. Six years later Aug they call me saying I need to pay. I explained to them what I was told and they said they have on file they hadn't talked to me in years, and that no matter what I still owe the money. This also still does not show up on my creit report. I can't pay it becasue I now got a home loan and three kids. I though after seven years if they don't charge you and can't go after you for the money?

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