Can a Law firm run yourn credit from a judgement 9 years ago?

by John
(South Lyon, MI, Oakland)

On November 2003 I was issued a civil judgment for $1500 for credit card company in the 48th district court in Michigan. I never paid the suit over the years I actually had it deleted from my credit via a dispute with Transunion and Equifax. Now come to present 8 years later on October 20, 2011 I was issued a request and writ for garnishment mailed from my current employer. The plaintiff is a Michigan law firm. I did pull my credit end of September I did see the same law firm issuing the Writ against me also did an inquiry on my current credit. The only way this law firm was able to find my employer and current address is by looking into my credit. Since 2003 I have been with over 5 different employers and moved 6 times. I just moved into this new location the past year.

My question to you is does this law firm who represents the new credit card company Provdian Bank which back in 2003 was initially Platinum Financial are they able to legally run my credit since I have had no relationship or contract since this went default in 2003 civil judgement?

Does this mean any law firm collecting on debt over up to 10 years can run my credit?

Please let me know if this law firm violated the FAIR credit law?

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Dec 24, 2011
Can a Law firm run yourn credit from a judgement 9 years ago?
by: Debtcollectionanswers

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act spells out who can access a consumer's credit report and for what reasons. Debt collectors, including law firms that act as collectors, are among those who are entitled to review the information in a consumer's credit report if that action relates to the collection of a debt. Therefore, the law firm that is trying to collect on the judgment against you, is legally entitled to check your credit history in an effort to find information that may be helpful to its efforts. Also, any other law firm that may be trying to collect a debt from you is legally entitled to review your credit record information.

You should know however, that a judgment can be collected for a limited number of years although the judgment creditor (the individual or business that has the judgment) can renew the judgment. If the time for collecting on a judgment expires and the judgment is not renewed prior to that date, then the judgment cannot be collected. Therefore, you may want to contact the court that issued the judgment, your state attorney general's office, or a consumer law attorney in your area to find out how long a civil judgment lasts in MI and if the time period for collecting on the judgment appears to have passed, you should contact the court to find out if the judgment was renewed. If it was not, then the law firm is not entitled to collect on the judgment.

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