can a doctors office cancel a appointment for a balance on account?

by vinnie

I was called by my pain management doctors office and they said I owe them 60.00 and I told them I only get so much money a month and she told me they may cancel my appointment if I dont pay this by my appointment date? Is this Legal for them to cancel my appointment? THe appointment is for pain medication refills an if I cant get my medicines I will go into withdrawl.

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Aug 17, 2011
Can a Doctor's Office Cancel an Appointment Because of a Balance Due on An Account?

A doctor's office is legally entitled to set its own policies in regard to the continued care of patients who owe them money. A medical practice is a business and if a doctor provides services for patients who do not pay their bills, the financial stability of the doctors medical practice could be jeopardized over time.

If you want to remain a patient of your current doctor and you cannot pay the full amount of your bill, find out if you can set up a payment plan. However, if your doctor's office believes that you are going to have an ongoing problem paying for services, they may refuse to work with you.

Have you looked into getting the medical services you need through a local, state or county health care program or clinic? Have you determined whether or not you are eligible for Medicaid? Another option is to visit, which helps consumers save money on their doctor and hospital bills. I would definitely explore all of your options for low-cost medical care if you believe that your financial situation is going to make it difficult if not impossible for you to pay for the care you need.

Best of luck.

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