Can a collector come on my job?

by losie
(baton rouge louisiana)

Can a debt collector come on my job i owe them $500.00 and am being threatened they will come on my job i live in the state of louisiana.

Reply from

If you tell a debt collector that you cannot be contacted at work it cannot contact you at work again.

The fact that this collector is threatening to come to your place of work makes us think that either you are dealing with a very aggressive collector or that it is a debt collection scam.

We'd recommend you try to find out if the company that is contacting you is real. If you determine they are, then contact a consumer law attorney immediately. It will cost you nothing to contact them. Call 855-206-5310.

However, if this is a scam debt collector then there is nothing an attorney can do to stop them. You'll just have to ignore their threats.

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