Can a Bill for Services Be Turned Over to Collections

by Jen

Hello-I recently had someone come and clean my house. They did a horrible job and I canceled my check. I contacted the woman and told her I would pay her for her services but not the full amount since it was done horribly. She didn't get back to me. About a month later I received a bill in the mail stating I still owed her the money. Can she turn it over to a collection agency?

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She could but it's doubtful unless she has a sizeable business and regularly turns accounts over to collections. If the amount is small it probably isn't worth her while - or the collector's.

You may want to respond with a certified letter explaining why you aren't paying her the full amount in case she does try to pursue it.

If she has a company and is not just an individual cleaning homes you might want to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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