can 12 year old debt come back to haunt

by ryan

I live in Montana, I have medical debt that is 12 years old and off my credit report. Can they continue to charge me interest, and can this debt haunt me later as far as buying a house for example. Do I stir it up and make payments or leave it alone?

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According to our resources the statute of limitations for most consumer debts in Montana is 8 years. (Please don't take that as legal advice.) Paying on a debt that is outside the statute of limitations is not a great idea as it can start the statute of limitations all over again.

This debt cannot appear on your credit reports at this late date. The only way it can affect your credit report now is if the creditor or collector sues you and gets a judgment. Then the judgment can appear on your credit reports.

If you are served with notice of a lawsuit about this please contact a consumer law attorney right away.

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