Calling The Wrong Person

Olifant calls me daily despite the fact that I have twice informed them that they are calling the wrong person. I am not the person they are trying to reach....nor do I even know her and yet they call me daily. The last person I spoke with was rude and argumentative which is ridiculous considering they are harassing me and I'm not even the person they are looking for. I'm sure they have the ability to verify the information I have given them is accurate with the phone company.

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Nov 21, 2017
by: Anonymous

Send a written request with your phone number asking them to never call you again. By law, they will have to stop calling.

Also, they are not located in Town Center Blvd. They moved to Sarasota some time ago. bbexpire

Feb 12, 2013
Rude staff
by: Anonymous

Someone who had my phone number over 6 years ago was smart enough to change their number after accruing debt. We receive phone calls all times of day from Oliphant.

When I received another call last night, I asked the caller to identify themselves and they hung up on me. I called back requesting that the operator identify the company and to tell them I was not the party they were looking for. Her response was not apologetic for the calls, but so very rude as if i were the one upsetting her evening.

This company should remember that some of us are not the bad guy and just the unfortunate person being harassed in our own home for someone else's dirty deeds.

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If the company won't identify itself they may be breaking the law. Can you use a reverse number look up to see who it is?

Apr 02, 2012
annoying, threatening persons
by: Anonymous

I have been called twice by this collector and I told them we do not owe this debt and they do not listen. I tell them to send us a copy of the bill to prove it belongs to us. They can not do that because they have an address that we have never lived at in a town we have never been. They are rude and still want to help us pay the bill. No way. We do not owe it.

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If you've told them it's not your debt and asked them to stop contacting you, but they won't, then it's probably time for you to talk with a consumer law attorney. You should be able to get free legal advice about this debt collection problem.

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