Calling A Number That Is Not The Number For The Person You Are Looking For.

by Elbert
(Sun City, Az)

I have had several calls from you people at my wifes cell phone, 602-369-4553, looking for a Ben (last name deleted). We have this same phone # for over 6 years. We don't know a Ben (x), never have. You are not the only ones looking for this man as several other collection agencies have called also. My wife has a very severe heart condition, as her heart is only functioning at 15%.

These calls are causing her great stress. I am asking you not to call again. In the event of future calls I will consider it harassment & will seek legal action. Thank you for your co-operation with this matter.

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We would like to help, but we are NOT the collection agency. We are a consumer education website and this is a place for sharing your complaints about collectors. Please contact the collection agency directly. We have provided contact information based on our research.

If it seems like the debt collector is breaking the law, talk with a consumer law attorney. Find out how to get free legal advice from an attorney here.

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