California state recovery

by Stella avila

State recovery asking for money for previous medical provided. ($14,000 ) to mom at age 55-65.
Passes away with no assets. Recovery letter states dollars or amount
Of assets..whichever is i owe any money?

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Jul 12, 2012
California state recovery

I do not much about California's Medi-Cal recovery program which is the entity that I assume sent you the letter, other than the fact that when someone dies who received benefits through the program, Medi-Cal is entitled to get repaid out of the deceased's estate. (The assets the deceased person owned.) This would mean that if you inherited assets from your mother, the program would be entitled to get repaid out of those assets.

However, from what you have told me your mother died without any assets and therefore that you did not receive an inheritance from her. If that is the case, I would call the number on the letter from Medi-Cal and share those facts with the person you speak to. If a simple phone call does not resolve your problem, schedule an appointment with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps consumers with their debt collection problems.

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