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“This is the most practical, concise book I’ve seen on how to deal with debt collectors, who can be quite ruthless. The experts who wrote this book are nationally recognized consumer advocates who genuinely care about the plight of consumers trying to get back on their feet. Bottom line, this is a great publication that any consumer who is being contacted by debt collectors should have!”

CURTIS ARNOLD, Consumer advocate & founder of

What You'll Learn: 

You can stop debt collectors from harassment and unfair practices - if you know your rights. Using the practical, step-by-step, easy-to-follow information in our e-book, you'll learn:

  • The very first thing you must do when a collector contacts you
  • Tips for what to say (and not say) when you can't afford what they want yo to pay
  • Can you really settle your bills for less than you owe?
  • What these firms can really do to collect the money that you owe
  • Common high-pressure tactics collectors use and how to fight back 
  • When sending "cease and desist letters" to stop debt collectors can make your situation worse
  • How and when to hire an attorney to help you deal with a debt collector
  • Why they are lying when they say they can ruin your credit “forever” 
  • Four approaches to removing collection accounts from your credit reports

When you read Debt Collection Answers, you’ll also find out:

  • Why you should never give a collection agency a post-dated check
  • The most dangerous way to pay them
  • How to manage your past due medical debts
  • What to do if you are in danger of having your house foreclosed upon
  • How to avoid having your car repossessed.

The appendix to is chock full of additional helpful tools and resources. You’ll get:

  • A worksheet for recording information about all of your interactions with each debt collector who contacts you. If you decide to sue a debt collector for violating debt collection laws, or if you want to file a complaint against a debt collector with the federal government or with your state attorney general’s office, the information on your worksheet may be invaluable.  
  • A list of state collection laws. Some states have their own debt collection laws and those laws may offer more protections than the FDCPA.
  • Sample letters you can use to help you write your own letters to debt collectors. 
  • A revealing interview with Mr. X, a former debt collector. Read it for valuable insider information about how they work.

You don’t have to deal with harassment, threats or abusive behavior! You have legal rights. This expert guide helps you understand how to resolve your money problems by exercising those rights.

This e-book is not about wiggling out of your debts. It’s about leveling the playing field, so you can end your financial nightmare and get on with your life. 

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