Broken gym contract and now overseas

by Bex

Hi I was in North America for 12 months and signed up to what I thought was a no contract gym and as I stopped going I stopped paying. I have now left the country but have got emails saying they are sending this issue to Internal Collections and if I don't respond soon it will be referred to External Collections.

I have no idea what to do? Can they track me down to my home country? Please help.

Reply from

Bex - We highly doubt there is anything they can do to you. If they sue you (in the US) how can they collect? And they surely are not going to go through the expense of trying to sue you overseas - if that's even possible.

We suspect there's a good chance if you tell them that you've left the country and don't plan to return that will be the end of it; however, we don't know for sure and suggest you talk with a consumer law attorney in your area for specific advice.

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