billed for credit card account that is not mine

by Jeff
(jacksonville, NC)

Sam's Discover continues to send me bills for some other person with my same name.I first received a a change of address letter for this other persons account to my address.

I contacted GE Money bank and explained i didnt have an account with them for the change of address, and was told if it was not mine not to worry about it.

Three days late I received the first bill of many telling me I needed to pay off account.

I talked to or mail correspondance to the bank or debt collector each time I receive anything concerning this. But they continue to mail me bills.

What can I do to stop the haressment of this constant bills?

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You are right to be concerned about this. Because you have a common name, this other person's credit information may get mixed up with yours and that could cause you major headaches down the road.

It sounds like you have tried to do everything you can on your own. If you are being contacted by a third party debt collector, you may want to go ahead and get free legal advice about dealing with this debt collector.

We would also suggest you check your credit reports at to make sure this debt isn't appearing on your credit reports. If it is, read our information about how to dispute credit report errors.

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