by lena

where can i find information if my sister left me beneficiary i want to now if thiers any money i can claim?

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Jul 06, 2015
collecting on prepaid funeral
by: siphiwe

I have a problem with my late uncle funeral policies, Chartis and nedbank funeral policy,they said they can't pay because of he didn't pay for the past months. All i wanted to know is do they have a right to not pay us not even a single cent?,because of each an every month they deducted more than R1300,but they cant help us while my uncle thought he would have a decent funeral when he passed on,but he lost all of his savings.please help me if u can.

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We're not sure if you are in the US since you refer to "R1300." In the US, protections for prepaid funerals vary by state so you need to contact your state attorney general's office for assistance.

Jul 19, 2012
beneficary of my deceased mother
by: Anonymous

step dad tried getting her money didnt get any where i know my mom left me as the only beneficiary i think its in a trust fund and insurance my mother wanted to give me papper work on what she left for me if she passed away i never went and got it and i and her spouse dont and my mom were very close its very hard to do this could the mony she left for me be tied in with her employ retirement plan ? corporation of united technolgies

If your mother left you money in her will, the will should have been probated by now and therefore, it would be on file in the probate court in the area where your mother was living. If she left you money in her trust, the trustee is legally obligated to follow the instructions your mother set out in the trust document and so if she directed that you receive a certain amount of money or other assets that may have been in the trust and they've not received them, than the trustee of the trust will have violated the law. If you think that you may have been beneficiary of her employer's retirement plan, you should have been notified by the plan administrator that you are entitled to what ever may be left in the plan now that your mother is deceased or even been sent a check for that amount.

Your best option for figuring things out is to meet with a probate law or estate planning attorney in your area.

Mar 10, 2012

If your sister wrote a will and it went through the probate process, you can obtain a copy of it by calling the probate court in the county where she died. A probated will is public information.

Another option is to contact the person who served as executor of her estate (her estate is simply all of the assets your sister may have owned at the time of her death), assuming you know who that person is. The executor would be named in your sister's will and would have been the person to provide the probate court with her will. The executor is also legally responsible for distributing assets to the deceased's beneficiaries as spelled out in the will.

If your sister did not have a will and she died leaving assets behind, you may be entitled to some of them according to the laws of her state of residence as you would be considered one of her legal heirs. However, if she had a spouse and/or children, then they are also her legal heirs and her state's laws may entitle them to all of her assets. Again, you can call the probate court in the county where she died to find out if she left a will and if she did not, who would be entitled to her assets. If you are not able to get the information you need this way, you can contact a probate law attorney for assistance; however, if the value of the assets are small, the cost of legal assistance is probably not worth it.

One other option of course is to contact a member of your sister's immediate family. However, I realize that that may feel awkward and depending on your relationship with the family, it may create bad feeling.

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