Being taken to court for fraudulent checks that were cashed

by Jean
(Arvada Co)

I cashed 2 checks for someone that had checks sent to me so they could get the money in Nigeria. I did not send directly to Nigeria was sent to another person in US. Filed police report found checks fraud and I was a victim of fraud. I was summoned to court by lawyers for collection agency. I am barely making a living working part time for a dept store. I have no property in my name and I am getting an old age pension from state. What will happen to me in court?

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Jan 04, 2011
Sued over fraudulent checks that were cashed
by: Mary

So sorry to learn that you got caught up in one of those Nigerian check fraud scams and that now are being taken to court because of the checks.

I urge you to get legal help immediately. I suggest that you first schedule an appointment with a consumer law attorney who helps people resolve debt collection problems (Your initial appointment should be free.) Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney here. Whomever you talk with can advise you about the best way to respond to the law suit.

You should know however that from what you tell me about your financial situation, you may be judgment proof. That means that even if the collector is able to win a judgment against you in court, he would not be able to collect on the judgment. It's possible that the attorney you talk with can bring this to the attention of the collector and you can avoid a lawsuit. Most collectors do not want to waste their time suing someone that they cannot get any money from.

Good luck resolving your problem!

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