Being sued for a Debt I cannot pay

by J. Miller
(Plano, TX)

Can a doctor's office sue you for paying a small amount of your bill every month in TX ?

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Aug 04, 2011
Being Sued for a Debt I Cannot Pay

Yes, your doctor's office is entitled to sue you for a debt that you owe to it, even if you are paying a small amount on the debt each month. You incurred the debt and so you are obligated to pay it according to the terms of the office's policies. You are not entitled to pay it little by little, unless you have worked out such an arrangement with your doctor.

If the statute of limitations on the debt had expired, you would still owe the money but your doctor would not be able to sue you for it. However, my sources indicate that the statute of limitations on a medical debt in Texas ends 4 years after you've made your last payment, and because you are paying something on your debt every month, the statue of limitations on it is still in effect and so you can be sued for the money.

If you could not afford to pay the full amount of the debt when you first incurred it, you should have contacted the office right away to see if you could set up a payment plan. You can try to do that now, but if your doctor's office is threatening to sue you, it may be in no mood to work something out with you at this point. It's worth a try however.

Good luck!

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