being harassed collection agency, person never lived her

by Ed&Sherry
(East Liverpool, Ohio)

We keep getting phone calls from a collection agency, usually they use a cell phone for a person we have never heard of, and we have requested they take us off the list, they agree and we get a call in the next day or two asking for the same person......I do not know what to do..........Has been going on for almost a year now

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Nov 11, 2013
The onus is on the victims of harassment
by: Nobody Important

Change the telephone number, write letters return receipt Really? Is that all that is available to us for this harassment?

How about suing the companies for harassment. Forgo the debt aspect of the calls and sue for simple harassment.

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We agree it is not bad advice to find out whether the collector is breaking the law. If they are they may be liable for damages and your attorney's costs. You can get more information about how to findfree or low-cost help with your debt collection harassment here.

Jul 16, 2012
being harassed collection agency, person never lived her
by: DebtCollection

I know that getting calls from debt collectors for someone you do not know can be a hassle. It happened to me once although the collectors were more cooperative than the one contacting you.

If you have the name of the collection agency and its address (or if you can locate the address on the Internet) you might try writing a letter asking the agency to cease calling you. Note in your letter who the calls are for, that you do not know that individual, and that you have asked numerous times for the calls to stop, but they do not. Make a copy of the letter for your files and send the letter via certified mail with a return receipt requested.

Another possible option is to block the number used by the collection agency. This may not be practical however, if the calls come from multiple numbers.

A third option of course is to change your phone number.

Good luck.

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