being billed for an item that was already settled

by kathy
(colorado springs, co)

Last year I went to Lincare to get a nebulizer for my son. They were to bill the insurance company. But the person that filled out the paperwork checked "Own" instead of "rent" The insurance company wouldn't cover it. So a year later they tried to recover 12 months of rent payments ($11.00 month) Turns out they just changed the paperwork back to rent when they discovered their mistake but never told me about it. I refused to pay but offered to pay the two months of rent and they agreed and sent me a bill marked "final" I offered to return the machine but they said they couldn't take it back. Fine. I paid the remaining on the bill immediately. Now ANOTHER year has passed and they are once again billing me for over $100 for rent for the past year--even though I have the bill showing the same account as FINAL BILL. What are my rights here, they still won't take the machine back but say I owe them the rent. I've googled them and they have lots of billing problems and even medicare fraud in their history in some other states. I live in colorado.

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Nov 26, 2011
being billed for an item that was already settled

I recommend that you write the company a letter setting out the facts and attach a copy of the bill marked Final together with a copy of the cancelled check you wrote to settle the bill. Make a copy of your letter for your files and send the original with copies of your backup documentation to the company via certified mail with a return receipt requested. If you have the name of a specific person in the company's billing department then direct your letter to him or her. Otherwise, direct it to Billing Department.

If the letter does not resolve your problem once and for all, you should probably contact a consumer law attorney in your area and ask the attorney to write a letter. Sometimes, a letter on an attorney's letterhead can get results when a consumer's letter can't. Good luck resolving what sounds like a frustrating matter.

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