bankruptcy judgement

by Paul

In 1991 I had a bankruptcy judgment for a loan at Kays jewelry. It was never paid. This was in California. I now live in PA and am being pursued by a collection agency for this debt. Has the statute of limitations run out?

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Jul 30, 2010
bankruptcy judgment?
by: Gerri


I am sorry but we don't understand your question. What do you mean by a bankruptcy judgment? Did you file for bankruptcy? Or did they get a judgment against you for the debt? Can you please clarify using the comments link below?


Jul 30, 2010
Bankprutcy judgment?
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure either what you mean but will try to guess and respond.

1. If you had outstanding debt at the time you filed bankruptcy, that should have been dismissed at that time (provided your petition was granted).

2. If the judgment was due to either student loans or child support, neither is dischargeable by bankruptcy and both debts will follow you until you paid them off.

3. Depending on the life of a judgment in California (which I can't recall what it is right now), the judgment may still be active.

4. However, if this is not really a judgment but simple a debt, the answer is a resouding NO! They can't collect on it because it is out of statute. They can hound you but they can't take any other action on it.

I hope that some of this has helped.

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