Bank Won't Let Me Open An Account Because Of 22 Yr Old Debt

I was told I could not open another checking account with Bank of America because I had a bad debt written off 22 years ago with a Maryland National Bank which they took over. Can they hold this against me after 22 years? I am in the state of Maryland.

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Feb 21, 2011
Old checking account problem

It's very unusual for a bank to refuse to open an account due to a 22-year old debt. We aren't aware of any law that prevents them from doing so, but you'd have to check with a local consumer law attorney to be sure.

Our suggestion is to find a bank that wants your business and open an account there. This debt should no longer appear in Chexsystems, Certegy or Telecheck reports, so it shouldn't create a problem at another bank.

Feb 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thankyou. They claim this is from a loan or a credit card. I don't remember this at all. My husband is a jr. and his credit is always getting mixed up with his father's. I thought maybe this was there's. But yes I will go to another bank. Thanks again.

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