bank garnishment

by Tempii
(New Rochelle, NY)

I have been paying a bill monthly that was court ordered. For about two years. Eventhough I have been paying monthly the debtcollector went into my bank account and took my money(3000 dollars) What is my recourse? The court was in CT and I now live in NY

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Nov 03, 2011
bank garnishment

You need an attorney's help sorting out what has happened and I am not an attorney. If you have been paying the debt according to the terms of the court order then it would seem that the collector had no right to take money from your bank account. Have you been paying the court ordered amount by the due date each month? If you have been paying something less or not paying by the due date, the court order may give the collector permission to do what it did, but that is just conjecture given that I have not seen the order.

Although you will probably need the assistance of a consumer law attorney in CT who helps people resolve debt collection problems since the court order was issued by a court in that state, an attorney in NYS can give you some initial advice and may even be able to take legal action on your behalf if such action is required and the attorney is licensed to practice law in CT as well as NYS. Your first meeting with the attorney should be free. Bring to the meeting a copy of the court order and any other documentation or correspondence you may have related to the debt at issue. Go here for free legal advice about debt collection.

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