Bad Advice Caused Delays

by DumbEnoughNow
(Seattle, WA)

I was advised to make a payment on a hospital bill that was in review because if I didn't it would reflect badly ... but when I made a payment the hospital took me out of review. By the time I figured it out they had to send me a new application and start the review over. NCO was harassing me and telling me that an account in review should only take a few months. While they had started out listening to me they turned into monsters. Had they not given bad advice it would have been resolved. Now I'm more screwed than ever because I have lost credibility. NCO reported me as delinquent and my credit card was closed. Not only are they rude, they are stupid.

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Nov 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Do you have the paperwork to back this up? If you do, you should be at least able to dispute the debt.

You really might want to talk to an attorney, though.

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