Auto Insurance Still Didn't Pay Medical Bills, Credit Score?

I was rear-ended over a year ago. At that time, I was borrowing my relative's vehicle as I did not own my own vehicle. The other party was determined to be at fault. Their auto insurance paid the auto repair costs, but per state law my auto insurance is responsible for the medical bills. As I did not have my own vehicle (therefore personal auto insurance) or health insurance at that time, my medical bills were to be covered through the auto insurance company of the car I was driving. I have had a lawyer involved since right after the accident happened. Now, over a year later the auto insurance company has still not paid my medical claims and they have been sent to collections (one of them has even filed to sue), despite my lawyer writing to both the doctors and insurance companies multiple times. I am confident that the auto insurance company will be responsible for payment in full, but I am wondering how this situation will affect my credit score? As I suspect the bills in collection have been reported on my credit score, is there a way that I will be able to have them removed from my report once the insurance company finally pays them as for this entire time the bills have been in dispute?

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