Attorney only account

by aaron
(south alabama)

I am represented by an attorney. I informed the collection agent about the same and gave him my attorney's name and number. He offered me a settlement and I seemed interested. So I asked him to call me back. Now has he violated my rights by talking to me instead of my attorney?

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Oct 25, 2011
Attorney only account

If you are being represented by an attorney regarding a matter related to a past due debt, then you should not be talking to the creditor. You should simply provide the collector with your attorney's name and number and that is it. Otherwise, you may jeopardize the success of your attorney's efforts on your behalf.

Based on what I understand from your letter you did what I am telling you to do, but you also engaged in a conversation with the collector about the possibility of settling your debt. That is a conversation that should be between your attorney and the collector only.

As for whether or not the collector violated your legal rights by talking to you rather than your attorney, I doubt it especially given that you willingly engaged in a conversation with the collector. If you want to be sure however, discuss this matter with your attorney. Also, be sure to let your attorney know exactly what you and the collector talked about related to a possible debt settlement.

Oct 25, 2011
attorney representation
by: Anonymous

yeah you jepordise the attorneys efforts.

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