Are 3-4 debt collection letters per month legal?

by Dee
(SLC, Utah, USA)

I wanted to know if it was legal for a single creditor to send out 3-4 collection letters per month for the same bill?

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Jan 28, 2011
Collection letters?

Our first question is whether you are being sent these collection notices by the creditor itself or by a third party collection agency. Creditors are not covered by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, while debt collectors are. (In addition, there may be state laws that apply to collectors and/or creditors.)

If you are dealing with a debt collector, we can tell you that there was no specific number of notices that are permitted or prohibited under the FDCPA. That means it would likely be a matter for the court to decide, to determine whether all these notices are considered harassment.

If you haven't done so already, please read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you will at least have an overview of your rights in dealing with the debt collector (provided that's who you are dealing with).

If you are concerned that the collector or creditor may be harassing you, you can either find a local consumer law attorney with experience in debt collection cases to talk with. Find out how to get FREE or low cost legal advice about debt collection from a consumer law attorney here.

We hope you are able to find a way to resolve this.

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