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I had to move to a new apartment last year as it was infested with coakroaches. At the time of move, land owner asked us to pay an amount for claening, and carpet changing due to infestation. I had actually left the apartment very clean and tidy. They claimed, we caused the infestation. I contacted an attorney then and he send a letter to the lanlord that they can keep the security deposit of $300, but no extra money will given to the landlord.All most 8 months later, I recieved a letter from the collection agency saying that i owe them $500. When i checked my credit score, it looks like they have not reported it to the credit beuro yet. My question is,if I pay them the money immediately, will they still be able report it to the credit beuro. I am in this country myself, and in school now. I have no time to argue with anybody. So please advice me, whether i should pay them asap, so it wont affect my credit score. If i pay them, will show it in my credit score. It has not been reported yet..
Thnaks a lot

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Apr 13, 2011
Disputed Debt Turned Over to Collections
by: DebtCollectionAnswers.com

There is no guarantee that if you pay the collection agency that they will not report the account to the credit reporting agencies. If you decide to pay it because you don't want it to appear on your credit reports, you must negotiate that with the collection agency and get something in writing from them BEFORE you pay it. The agreement should specifically state that the collection agency will not report it to any credit reporting agency. (It does NOT help your credit if they report it as paid.)

We can't tell you exactly what to do because we don't know how this collection agency will handle your situation. However, given that you had an attorney help you with the original dispute with your landlord, you may want to dispute this collection account as well. You could send the collection agency a certified letter telling them you don't owe the debt, and include a copy of your letter from the attorney. The collection agency may not want to bother getting involved, and may decide not to pursue it. We can't guarantee it, but it certainly is a possibility.

We would also suggest you talk with the attorney you hired originally for legal advice in this matter. Good luck!

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