An attorney requesting vehicle information for an unrelated debt?

by Robin
(Baltimore, Maryland)

An attorney has contacted me relating a debt that I incurred when I broke a lease with an apartment complex. I am sending payments to the attorney to avoid court proceedings; however, the attorney wants to collect more information from me to enter an agreement (i.e. the year, make, and model of my car). Do I have to provide them with the year, make, and model of my car in order to have a payment agreement on an unrelated debt? Keep in mind, my car has a lien on it.

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Unless they have a court judgment against you and you are ordered to disclose assets, you don't have to provide all that information.

It's perfectly fine for you to politely decline to provide that information. They may push but you can just tell them you don't feel comfortable giving them all that information and explain that it's not related to the debt in question. Of course, they don't have to agree to accept your payment arrangements but as long as your payments are reasonable most collection agencies don't want to turn down money when they can get it.

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