Amp'd mobile

by Jo-Ann
(Woodbridge, VA)

In April 2007 I signed up with amp'd mobile for their cell phone service. Two months after I got the service they went out of business and filed bankruptcy. After the first month I never received the bill. I called the company several times and their customer service was unavailable. In 2008 I started receiving collection notices for payment to amp'd mobile in the amount of over $6,000. There is no way that calling locally in two months I could rack up that amount of charges. I disputed the claim with all three credit bureaus and they were no help. I even called the credit agency to ask for documentation showing how I could possibly owe that much but they never got back to me. I am wondering what my options are seeing as though I know I don't owe that much. I want to sue them but I am not sure if I have the funds for that. I lived in Washington, DC at the time the account was opened.

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Sep 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

How would i dispute amp mobile. I shows that i owe $970, don't know how?

We're not sure we understand your question. Have you been contacted by a debt collector about this bill? If so, then follow our recommendations in the first chapter of our ebook to request verification of the debt. Our understanding is that this company went filed for bankruptcy and they may not have the records to prove that you owed this debt.

If you aren't sure how to handle it, and you are being contacted by a debt collector, consider talking with a consumer law attorney for a free consult.

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