American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc

by Cynthia
(Reseda, CA)

1)Malevolent practices. Disregard for their borrowers. There are charges to make online or phone payments. They claim to not receive mailed payments by the 16th of the month. No grace periods if the 16th is on a weekend or bank/ postal holiday. A $121 late fee (5%) on a $2500 payment. Their 3rd party online payment company does not respond to requests for info: "What account # was the debit presented to? Why wasn't the debit processed correctly? The browser had saved the account number from the previous transactions so the payment account was correct. Refusal to waive late fees in 2009 because the originating lender had dome so in 2003 & their India call center was open on President's Day a bank & post office holiday in the US.

2)Accounting errors, not applying payments to the principal as requested. Lender placed insurance placed AFTER AHMSI paid my insurance co's premium.

3)Robo-collection calls from 8:00 AM after the 10th of the month.

4)The monthly payment went up in the loan modification....

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