am I responsible for my ex's bad credit card debt?

by Laurie

I just rec a letter from a collection agency for my ex's bad credit card debt. This is the 1st letter I've gotten from them.
We have been divorced over ten years and this debt would have been from at least Ten plus years ago. Can they force me to pay his bad debt? They are unable to supply any application or what was bought but they want the money.
We lived in Alaska but my ex had left me and went to Louisiana, and this is where the bad debt was created (I think) (He now lives in Florida) I moved to Texas 4 years ago from Alaska and I have no contact with my ex as it was an awful divorce.(decree granted 2001) I had paid what I thought was all the bad debt over 10 years ago but I can't find the records....I just don't know what to do! Now this! Help!

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Jun 15, 2011
Am I responsible for my ex's bad credit card debt?

I don't think you have a lot to worry about because whether the law of Alaska or Louisiana applies to the 10 year-old plus credit card debt your ex incurred while you were separated but still married, the statute of limitations on that debt in both states is just 3 years. So, whether you were legally liable for the debt or not, you cannot be sued for it because the statute of limitations has expired. However, when that happens a debt collector can continue his calls and letters in an effort to get paid. So, you may want to meet with a consumer law attorney in your area who helps people resolve their debt collection problems to find out if the debt collector can or cannot contact you. Again, it would depend on which state's law applies to the debt.

Or, you may simply want to write a letter to the debt collector asking him to stop contacting you about the debt since at this point you are not under any risk of being sued for the money. You can read our advice on using a cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector. Once the collector receives your letter, he is obligated to cease all contact with you.

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