Am I responsible for deceased husband's car loan in his name only?

by Pat
(Palmyra, PA)

I am trying to sell it to pay off the loan. Would I be better off to just let the bank take it? No monies left in the estate to pay it.

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Feb 07, 2011
Late husband's car loan


We are very sorry to hear about your husband's death. We cannot offer legal advice, but we can point out that Pennsylvania is not a community property state. If you did not cosign on this loan, then you are not likely responsible for it. And if there is no money in the estate, there may be nothing the lender can go after to collect on that loan.

If you can sell the car for enough to pay off the loan, it may be the easiest solution so you don't find yourself dealing with creditors or collectors in the future.

We assume you are trying to settle his estate yourself without the help of an attorney. We recommend getting advice from an attorney to make sure you won't have any further liability for this debt, but if you decide not to go that route, make sure you keep good records detailing when you returned the car to the lender, any discussions you have with them etc. It probably would not hurt to send them a certified letter explaining the situation.

If they continue to try to collect, you can contact a consumer law attorney for advice.

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