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My credit report says capital one wrote my debt off as a bad debt. They sold it to someone else. I paid on that debt, now capital one is trying to get the full amount from me again. Can they do that?

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Apr 21, 2011
Pay Debt Twice?

No, of course not. You should have to pay the same debt twice. Is it Capital One who is trying to collect from you or is it a third-party debt collector? If it is a collection agency, you can send them a cease and desist letter, explain the you have already paid the debt, and asked them not to contact you again. If you have proof that you pay the debt, include that with your letter.

If it is actually Capitol One who is contacting you, we would also recommend that you send them a letter explaining that you already paid the debt. Send your letter by certified mail, and include any documentation you have that shows you paid it.

If they continue to try to collect the debt, then you may need to talk with a consumer law attorney. We hope this helps you put this behind you.

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