Allied Interstate Complaint

by Martha

I was contacted by phone by Allied Interstate last week. They did not identify themselves as a collection agency, but rather asked for my ex-husband by name. I told them they had the wrong number and was told they would take my number off their records.

Yesterday, after thinking on it, I decided to pull my credit bureau reports, and there, listed first, was Allied Interstate for an undisclosed debt of $298.00. I tried to call their number but reached a recording that gave me a different number. I called that number, I couldn't make out who I'd reached, but I didn't hear anything that even remotely sounded like 'Allied Interstate', and it was only an answering service.

I wanted to speak to a human, so I redialed the number from Allied Interstate from last week and of course, got an operator in India. I explained why I was calling, and after informing me that our conversation could be recorded, he stated that he had no one by my name listed in his accounts - only my ex. He proceeded to state my ex's first and last name and then his street address and town.

I told the operator that while I lived in the same state, I did not live in the same town, and had no knowledge of my ex's information. As I was sure we were being recorded, I firmly stated that I wanted Allied to remove the derogatory collection on my newly pulled credit bureau as the debt was not mine, and that he and the caller from the week prior had just confirmed that they were looking for my ex - not me.

He told me he couldn't remove it and that I'd have to talk with his supervisor. He put me on hold, them came back and gave me the same number I'd tried earlier that was simply an answering service.

I told him that I'd already tried that number and that I couldn't reach anyone. He just said that I had to leave a message and they'd get back to me. I called the message number, left my name and 2 numbers where I could be reached, but never heard back from them, in spite of the recording stating that someone would contact me within 24 business hours.

That time is up. I've spoken with Experian and been given helpful suggestions on how to deal with this. The point is, I don't owe this debt, I've disputed it on my credit bureau and to the collection agency by phone.

I'll be contacting Allied by letter next (Certified with Return Receipt) and wait to see what happens. I've done a search on this company and read nothing but horror stories! These people don't even list their correct phone number on their listing! They don't want to talk to you, they just want to harass you and hope you'll pay a debt you don't owe. Something must be done about this company and fast!

I don't want to have to get a lawyer for this, but if I have to, I'll certainly be seeking damages also. Both my husband and myself are in very poor health and both of us are disabled permanently. Good people are being taken advantage of by sharks like Allied Interstate and it needs to stop!

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Oct 30, 2011
wrong person
by: Tom

I have been getting phone calls trying to contact my daughter who has not lived here for over 25 years. When I call they will give me no information, not even that they are a collection agency. I told them that I was going to report them to the Colorado Attorney General and I plan to do so this week.

Jul 30, 2010
wrong collection account on your credit report
by: Gerri

Wow! What a story! It was very smart of you to check your credit reports or you may not have known they were incorrectly reporting this account on your credit.

A couple of other things I would suggest for you. First, make sure you read our tips about how to dispute credit report errors. There is some important advice there, including the fact that we recommend you put these disputes in writing rather than simply filing them over the phone. Also be sure to check your credit reports with Equifax and TransUnion if you haven't done so already.

And remember, if you continue to have problems, you can get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney to see what your recourse may be.

Lastly, remember to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at If they see a pattern of complaints from consumers about a particular company they can step in and take action.

Please do let us know how this goes for you, and thanks again for sharing all these important details. I'm sure others are going through the same thing and will find your experience helpful.

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