Alleged Debt Owed

Why have I received a letter from AlliedInterstate, Inc. that states I owe money to Ge Money?

The letter also shows: "Debt Purchaser: Equable Ascent Financial, LLC" and provides an account number.

I have no idea who these people are; please advise as to the authenticity of this matter.

Thank you.

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Dec 28, 2010
Unknown Debt
by: Gerri

Unfortunately, we have no idea why you have received this debt collection letter. However, what we can tell you is that you have the right under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to ask that debt collector to verify the debt. Send them a certified letter as soon as possible telling them that you don't believe you owe debt and asking them to verify it.

We would also recommend that you at least read the first chapter of Debt Collection Answers online for free so you have a basic overview of your rights when you are dealing with this collection agency.

Good luck and do let us know how this turns out for you.

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