After A Verification Letter Is Sent

by Gary
(Mesa Arizona)

We are dealing with three debt collectors at once and have sent verification letters to each by certified mail to get a full accounting of the charges.

One company, Northstar, said that as soon as they received the letter that they would send the request letter to Chase and that Chase would immediately start the "legal" process. I assumed that this meant that all deliberations are over and that we can expect a court summons.

Am I correct or is this another bluff by Northstar to get money? I thought I had 30 days to review the documents requested and then move on from there.

Reply from Charles, we are not attorneys so we can't give you legal advice. However, keep in mind the verification procedure is your right under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and should not trigger a lawsuit. In addition, there have been cases where collectors have been found to have broken the law when the implied legal proceedings would take place when that wasn't the case.

We would strongly encourage you to go ahead and talk with a consumer law attorney about this. The attorney can tell you whether you have a case against the collector, and if so, how to proceed.

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