After 11 years I'm summoned

After 11 years case # xxxx AZ I've received in the mail a SUMMONS to appear. Violation Code 13-1802 THEFT

Why and what purpose would the court want regarding this?

Summons state "failure to appear" would result in a warrant.

Any advice would put my mine at rest and I'll be sure to pass this SITE on to others. Can you text it back to my number and/or

ps I read your eBook

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Jan 10, 2016
Your question

Wow. That's an unwelcome surprise! Usually with a summons there is a complaint. Who is behind this? Do you know what it is for? Is it a debt collector? A few more details would be helpful. We're not attorneys so we can't offer legal advice but we will try to point you to someone who can help.

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