AFNI Collections, Inc.

by Dain
(Sarasota, Florida, USA)

This is a Bloomington, Illinois debt collection company owned by Anderson Financial Network, Inc.. They are a company that deals with Verizon phone company debts. They have been calling my Significant other the past few weeks about a bill that she had from August of 2005. This company calls people claiming they owe more than the original bill and after the Statute of Limitations is up on open accounts. The bill in question of my Sig.Others being from 2005 is past the 4 year statute of limitations (SOL) by 2 years past.

I have done some checking on AFNI Collections, Inc. and they are told to be the lowest form of life in the debt collection business. They are supposed to have over 100 lawsuits against them.

I know here in Florida where we now live, debt collectors MUST (by Florida Law) be registered with the state to call Florida Residents. I believe AFNI is NOT registered in Florida but it has called us several times.

We are in the process of requesting verification of the debt and when the debt was closed by Verizon to see if AFNI is illegally trying to collect. It is also been noted that AFNI (in most cases) can NOT come up with the paperwork to verify any debts. They also are noted for changing dates to fit their needs and also account numbers (phone numbers) to suit their needs also!!

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Nov 15, 2011
debt collection complaint

Thanks for sharing your complaint in detail. Keep in mind that if you do suspect the collector may be breaking the law, you can get a consultation with a consumer law attorney to find out for certain. Good luck with this - we'd like to hear how it turns out!

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