a five year old bill lawyer trying to collect on

We hired an attorney eight years ago to represent us as we had a renter that was trying to sue us. I sent him a retainer of 5k and then he ran up bills of 1500 and 1000, I believe I sent him another 3500.

When it came time for court he wanted another ten k and I settled out of court with renter, agreed not to sue him if he would forever leave us alone. The lawyer had not really done much for us either. After that he sent us a bill for 900. That was back in 2004. Haven't heard from him since.

Yesterday a bill from this lawyer arrives in the mail - only it is for 1500 it doesn't state why only that it is dated 2009. We have had no contact from this attorney since 2006 at the very latest. How can he ask for 1500 and date it 2009. We have paid nothing since we closed the case in 2004. I do not feel we owe him as we paid him so much for doing nothing besides the charges were not from 2009

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Apr 19, 2010
lawyer overbilling problem
by: Gerri

I am sorry you had a problem with the attorney fees to your lawyer has charged you. While debt collection law firms are covered by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, it wouldn't apply in your situation because the attorney is collecting for himself, not for somebody else. And that, unfortunately, is not within our area of expertise.

If you can't resolve the billing problem directly with your attorney, then I would suggest you contact your local bar association to find out how to file a complaint.

Good luck - we hope you're able to work this out.

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