A collector called a relative

by Lorraine

A collection agency called a relative (spouse at his work) and disclosed all the information on the collection even though spouse was not on it at all.

Is this legal?

The employer did ask him to not call back and he did stop but now somehow he got my spouse's cell phone number and calls it often even when he picks up and ask him to not call anymore. The last conversation he told my spouse I was sued and they are obtaining a warrant to garnish my wages haha I don't work and the debt is 8 yrs old.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

Lorraine -

First, based on what we've been told in conversations with consumer law attorneys, it's our understanding that while debt collectors can't reveal information about debt to third parties, they often can do so when it comes to spouses. That's simply our understanding, however, and we wouldn't want you to take it as legal advice.

More importantly, though, has anyone been able to confirm whether this is a scammer or a legitimate collector? We would guess the former, given the false threats about your arrest and garnishment. If you are not dealing with a legit collection agency, then we recommend you read our information on debt collection scams.

These guys can be tough to stop, but if you push back enough they eventually give up and try to move on to the next victim.

If, however, you confirm this is a real collection agency and they are making false threats, then you should absolutely talk with a consumer law attorney. (Unfortunately, an attorney won't be able to help if this is a scam, since those companies are usually based overseas and often outside the reach of our legal and law enforcement system.)

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