Unifund CCR Partners

Variations on name: Unifund Corporation, Unifund Group

Website: http://www.unifund.com/

Address: 10625 Techwoods Circle, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Other Basic Info

Number of Years in Business: Over 20

General Manager: Jeff Shaffer, CFO

Phone: (513) 489-8877 / (888) 489-8877

Better Business Bureau Report Summary

We researched the Better Business Bureau reports on Unifund CCR Partners as of February 15, 2012 and found the following data:

Number of complaints processed by the BBB
- in the last 36 months: 115 complaints
- in the last 12 months: 17 complaints

The agency maintains ā€œCā€  due its handling of the complaints filed.

Debt Collection Company Complaints

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unifund ccr partners 
i just found out I have a judgment aginst me for 600.00 and don't have a clue what it is from 2008 how do I find out what this is

My complaint 
Will i guess I'm like the others and WOW! There was alot. I had this bill i was paying on and then my money got short with 4 kids and a single mom. i …

UniFund CCR Partners Inc junk mail 
I am sick of junk mail who send me cost me from scam company called "UniFund CCR Partners Inc"

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