Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc

Variations on name: RBI Inc., Rosewood Hudson & Associates


Address: P.O. Box 13386 Roanoke, VA 24033

Other Basic Info

Number of Years in Business: Over 10

CEO: Richard E. Woolwine

CFO: Chris Hanson

Phone: (540) 772-7800


Better Business Bureau Report Summary

We researched the Better Business Bureau reports on this company as of February 15, 2012 and found the following data:

Number of complaints processed by the BBB
- in the last 36 months: 69 complaints
- in the last 12 months: 18 complaints

The agency maintains ā€œCā€ due its handling of the complaints filed.

Complaints about Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc

Read or share your complaints about this debt collection agency:

Share Your Complaint About Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc Here! 
Here you can share your complaint about Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc. Please keep in mind we are not the collection company - we are simply an educational …

Can't Make My Payments 
I have been making regular payments to them for the past 2 years. I missed a payment and have to make up 2 in one month. Don't have a lot of extra money …

Victim Of Fraudulent And Identity Theft  
To whom it may concern, Madam or Sir; My full name is Magdalena (last name removed), I live in the state of New York and on disability. Upon doing my …

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