8 Year Old Judgement in CA


Do collection agencies/ attorneys have the right to garnish wages, etc. on a debt in which a default judgement occured 8 years ago in CA? The debt no longer appears on my credit report. Last year they sent documents claiming to request information from my credit card companies. Is this legal? I didn't even know the judgement had taken place. Payments have been made by another party named in the suit but they still want more. Do these payments fulfill the obligation for all parties named?

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Aug 05, 2010
Old Judgment in California
by: Gerri

Judgment debts can often be collected for a much longer time period than debts debts where the creditor has not gone to court and obtained a judgment. And whether or not the debt appears on one's credit report is irrelevant - the reporting period on credit reports is covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act while the time period for collecting a judgment is addressed under state law. According to our sources, creditors have ten years to collect judgments in California, and in most states that time period can be renewed.

We would recommend you talk to an attorney about your specific questions. Mary and I are not attorneys and would not want to point you in the wrong direction on something as serious as a judgment debt. The coauthor of the California edition of our ebook Robert Brennan, may be able to assist. He's at BrennanLaw.com

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