7. Years and car repo is on credit record

by Kristian
(Fort Wayne in)

I had a car repo in 2004 of September. It's on my credit report still. I didn't hear anything for about 6.5 years and all the sudden I get a subpoena to show up for court. Long story short. I'm paying a lawyer $100 a month.. Should I stop paying him once it fall off my report or will this be ongoing till paid in full. Car did sell at auction.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

The repossession should be off your credit reports at this point. If it is still there, dispute it. Read how to dispute wrong information on your credit report for more information.

However, the fact that you are paying an attorney makes it sound like perhaps they got a judgment against you for the debt? If so, the judgment can be reported for its own 7-year reporting period.

According to our resources Indiana has a long statute of limitations so there may not have been a whole lot you could have done differently here. (The statute of limitations for collecting a debt and the time period for reporting a debt are two separate things.)

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