2 collectors have the same account

by Miguel
(Hollister ca usa)

I have a debt in collections that 2 collectors have that is not mine. One of them is erasing on 10/2011 the other till 11/2012. What can I do so the 2nd one erases since the statue of limitation has been reached? I don't want to just call them for the reason that the statue of limitation can be renewed.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

The statute of limitations is different than the amount of time that the debt can be reported on your credit reports. Disputing an item on your credit reports should not extend the period of time that it can be reported. You can order your credit reports and dispute the accounts because they are not yours.

In addition, Miguel, an account that isn't yours shouldn't appear on your credit reports at all. We recommend you visit SoCalCreditDamage.com to learn more about how to deal with this inaccurate damaging information on your credit reports.

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