15 years later debt still not gone

by Mary

I was contacted by a collection agency. I settled for 1125.00 15 years later.

After this was paid via montly bank draft I noticed they continued to draft my account.

I closed my account as I felt it was settled and could not afford overdraft charges and NSF fees.

I live in Texas. Can I be sued after the staue of limitations has long passed since I made payments that I was told were for a settlement?

Please help.

Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com:

We are curious why you paid this 15 year old debt? The statute of limitations had likely run out long ago on the debt. However, in many states if you make a payment the statute of limitations may start over again if you make a payment.

Regardless, there are just too many factors here for us to tell you how to proceed. Do you have anything in writing stating the amount of debt and documenting how much you paid? Have you done any research to figure out if you are you dealing with a legitimate debt collector?

At this point, you may need to talk with a consumer law attorney and/or file a complaint about this collector with your state attorney general.

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