Statue of Limitations on Medical Bills in Virginia

by Laura

What is the statue of limitations on collecting medical bills in Virginia?

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Jul 16, 2016
by: Anonymous

we are facing judgement against us in medical bills that incurred since 2010. My question is what is the statue of limitations as far as medical bills in state of virginia?

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We don't have details for every type of bill in every state but one good source we've found is - you can type that in your search engine and add the plus sign, name of your state, and statute of limitations. It should bring up some generally helpful information.

In addition if you are being sued we'd really encourage you to at least talk with a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney should be able to answer this question for you and advise you as to your options if they get a judgment against you. (Remember in some states if they get a judgment they can seize assets like bank account balances.)

Jun 24, 2010
medical debts in Virginia
by: Mary & Gerri


According to our sources the statute of limitations for most consumer debts in Virginia is five years. However, we don't have information that confirms that also applies to medical debts. In some states it is different.

I would recommend you check with the Virginia Atty. Gen.'s office or consult a consumer law attorney. If you confirm that the statute of limitations has expired on this debt then you can send the collector a cease and desist letter instructing them not to contact you again.

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