Parent died intestate with credit card debt

by David
(New Mexico)

My Mother died intestate 10 years ago with credit card debt but had already transferred her assets to me, so I never opened probate. Recently I found assets belonging to her in her name, in order to get it I have to file with the surrogates office and post a bond, can the creditors still go after me 10 years later? how long can a deceased
persons' debt stay collectible?

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Jun 13, 2012
Parent died intestate with credit card debt

I am not sure about the answer to your question because it's an unusual one and I am not an estate planning attorney or a probate law attorney. I recommend that you consult with one before you try to collect the additional assets your Mother owned at her death. An initial consultation with the attorney will probably be free, but even if it's not, I think that making sure that you do not create any legal or financial hassles for yourself down the road will be money well-spent.

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