Paid Collection Agency and Original Debtor - How to get part of my money back?

by Melissa
(Pekin, IL)

I recently paid off several bills that went to debt collections. Without paying attention I sent a check to the debt collector and the original company who turned me over to the debt collector. Both checks have been cashed.
I am entitled to one of those payments back?
If so, how do I go about getting one of the payments back?

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Dec 03, 2011
Paid Collection Agency and Original Debtor - How to get part of my money back?

Congratulations on getting those past due debts paid off! Now, as to how to get your money back for the bill you double paid on, I think the best way to do that is to write a letter to the creditor explaining what you did and the fact that both the creditor and the debt collector it hired to collect from you cashed your checks. Be sure to include in your letter, the amount you owed and paid, the date each check was cashed and the account number relating to the debt. Also, cc the debt collector and the agency he works for or the name of the agency if you do not have the collector's name. Make two copies of the letter. Then send the original letter to the creditor via certified mail, return receipt requested. Mail one of the copies to the debt collector the same way. The second copy is for your files.

About a week after you have confirmation that your letter was received, call the creditor to follow up and to discuss a refund. If you get no where with the creditor, contact the collector. If you still get no where, you may need to ask an attorney to write a letter on your behalf because a letter on law firm letterhead can often get action when a letter from a consumer cannot. Although getting a lawyer to write you a letter should not cost you a lot, if the amount of the refund you are looking for is quite small, it may not be worth the cost. Good luck!

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